Backpack to Hawk Hollow in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
  Imagine...if you will...a Saturday morning. There...on this morning...was breakfast. It was a breakfast that was had...at Denny's. A Denny's located in...Russellville. The participants......Pat and Kelly. Two brothers on the verge of a short weekend adventure that would turn bad......but for now...the breakfast was good. Pat had the usual eggs, bacon, hash browns and biscuit with gravy. Kelly...the younger brother of the two...opted for the omelette full of assorted meats, cheeses and vegetables. Upon completion of this very satisfying meal...the two men would set off on trip filled with so much hell...return was thought to be...unlikely.
  We arrived at the wilderness boundary just up the road from Kapark Cemetery at 10:oo a.m. and headed in. Many hunting camps were passed along the road in and each one of them received a token bag of skunks as we passed by. The day was mostly cloudy and 53 degrees. The sun peaked through only on occasion even though a sunny day was forecast. We followed the trail in to Hawk Hollow and looked around and ate lunch before moving on. We made it to camp around 2:3o and set up for the night. The night was cloudy then clear then cloudy with a half a moon. The low was 42 degrees. The hell alluded to earlier was just a lack of sunshine, but the next morning made up for that. We headed back at 8:oo a.m. after a great night's sleep with no animal attacks. Total hike miles right around 8.5. All in all it was a great overnight hike.
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