Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Hike from Terrapin Branch to Boen Gulf
  It was 0530 hours.....darkness....no moon.......I crept along the edge of the field on the outskirts of the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area en route to the Terrapin Branch. Across the pasture a lone window shone forth from the dwelling that no doubt was attached to this private property. My tiny flashlight was muted with a fingertip to light my way just enough without being detected. It was still early deer season and this area could be crawling with bastardly hunters. When the wood's edge was reached I dove across the barbed wire and disappeared into the shrubbery. I still had a good ways to go until the wilderness boundary was in view. At 0600 the safety of the wilderness area was entered. Onward to the bluffs above Terrapin Branch. Sunrise was to be at 0736.
  Prior to my arrival at the parking access of Boen Gulf on CR 6 (FS 1462) off Hwy 21, breakfast was eaten at Waffle House in Clarksville. The bluff's edge was reached at 6:10. As the sun rose higher I followed the ridge around to the north and into the Boen Gulf Valley. The falls in the area were marginal but the fall foliage was quite lovely. I made it back to the vehicle by 12:45. The temp stayed around 50 and the distance measured out to a little more than 6 miles. No humans were encountered on this short journey.

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