Overnight backpack into Flatside Wilderness Area
  I departed from work at 1:00 on Friday afternoon and arrived at the embark point at 2:00. This was on NF 132, better known as Winona Forest Dr on the southern boundary of Flatside Wilderness Area. The temp was around 60 and sunny.  This was my first backpacking trip in almost 20 years. My two sons are pretty well growed up now so it's time to get back out there. My track took me to a fork of Crystal Prong to a shut-ins like area. This spot was quite familiar to me. My first time to camp here was in 1982, I think, right at the base of this slide in the creek. This time my camp was made on ridge above creek. The temp dropped into the mid 30's that night. I headed back around 6:45 the next morning. Total trip mileage was 3.2. NI got to use a new backpack, tent, stove etc on this rebirth outing.

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