010 000
  This account is a combination of trips. One morning I paddled upstream from Long Pool to Surfing Rapid and played around. The day was a beautiful fall one with partly cloudy skies and plenty of color on the hill sides and a temp of 45 degrees. The USGS gauge was at 3.0 ft. Paddling back down stream was much more enjoyable. The next trip was a short paddle on the Middle Fork of the Illinois Bayou from Snow Creek to Bayou Bluff Campground. This is one of my favorite short and easy runs. It was another fine fall day, but cloudy and a temp of 49 degrees. The USGS gauge was at 8.0 ft...I prefer at least 9 or more. The other outing involved Elita and I making one of our usual visits to Petit Jean for a sunrise and some breakfast.